Rubber Surface– Use existing copy. Add under the top line” The preferred surface for infant toddler play surfaces”.

Wood Fiber – Safety Surfaces using engineered wood fiber are the most popular surface used in many play areas. The wood fiber compresses enough to hold a wheel chair but stays spongy enough t take falls from most equipment. We use an efficient method by building the base from the ground up. We enclose 12” of wood fiber with a beam border with a plastic composite cap and a continuous drainage port under all the edges.

Note: Not recommended for use in an infant Toddler play area. Smallwood particles can present a choking hazard.


Wear Mats– When using loose type safety surface we recommend using a wear mat under swings and under exits from slides. This product is buried flush to the surface thus preventing pitting by foot landings.

Artificial turf A beautiful alternative that is most used for open play areas and around infant Toddler play. The artificial grass can be installed on any hard surface or over 4” of compacted process on a stable sub base. Resilient rubber pad or rubber crumb can be installed under the surface under fall zones. We can recommend the appropriate type of artificial grass surface for playgrounds, play fields or even indoor applications.