To Start: If possible obtain a plot plan of the area under
consideration. And / or build a list of the following criteria.

  1. Consider aspects of the existing environment
    1. Sun- shade
    2. Exits and entrances
    3. View points
    4. Useful natural features
    5. Natural gathering spots
  2. Evaluate existing equipment and arrangement
    1. What equipment does and doesn’t works for you
    2. Size and shape of space usage
  3. Location of types of activity. (Consult site layout example for more detail)
    1. Active play with high motion: slides, swings, and climbs
    2. Intermediate motion play: crossings bridges, balance, and crawl through
    3. Interactive passive play: play vehicles, talk tubes, music walls, spring toys
    4. Social play: interactive sand digs, water play, interactive bike tracks
    5. Open space: ball games, central viewpoint, group gathering
    6. Passive Space: group and single seating, garden spots, open shaded places
    7. Age appropriate areas; infant toddler, 3-5 Groups, 6 and up

Plan Your Space